Free Bubble Map Maker Online | Rumin

Oct 04 2020

What is a Bubble Map?

A bubble map is a diagram that illustrates a main concept in a bubble in the centre, connected to other bubbles of related concepts. Each bubble in a bubble map can itself be connected to other bubbles. It is useful in visualizing the relationships between similar ideas. It is also useful for brainstorming, where the user starts with the central idea and expands from there.

How to Make a Bubble Map

1. Start with a topic in the centre : Starting with a blank Canvas, put the main topic in the centre. On Rumin, you can double click or use the "+" button on a Canvas.

2. Add bubbles around the central bubble : Create a few more bubbles around the central one for each new thought that comes to mind. Don't worry about being correct. Just let your ideas flow. To remove a bubble, you can select and hit the "Del" key.

3. Connect the bubbles together : You can easily create new connections on Rumin by holding "shift" and dragging the mouse from one bubble to another.

4. Keep expanding : Repeat step 2 and 3 for any bubble in the Canvas. Keep expanding until you run out of ideas. On Rumin, each bubble that you create in one Canvas is available in other Canvases. This makes it easy to reuse your previous thinking, and build on your past work.

That's it! It is simple and effective for clarifying your understanding, as well as generating new ideas around a given topic.