Create Concept Maps for Free on Rumin

Oct 03 2020

We understand things better when they are connected to things we already know. Concept maps are a great tool for learners and creators to connect the dots.

What is a Concept Map?

A concept map is a diagram that visually represents relationships between ideas. Concept maps are useful for writers, learners, and creators to clarify their thinking and flesh out their understanding of interconnected concepts. It is common for concept maps to depict an idea using a box, and a connection between two ideas a line.

When to Use a Concept Map

Making a concept map can be useful for:

  • Externalizing and clarifying knowledge that is in your head
  • Connecting newly learned information with what you already know
  • Identifying gaps in your current understanding of a topic
  • Visually presenting interconnected ideas about a topic to an audience

    How to Make a Concept Map

    The easiest way to create a concept map is to simply draw out the relationships on a piece of paper. But with concept map maker software like Rumin , you can effortlessly create concept maps digitally.

    Start by listing out all the concepts or entities related to your topic. And use a box to represent each concept. Once you have these topics written down, draw lines to connect concepts that are related. Don't worry too much about getting everything right at the first go. Let your mind run free, and you can edit later.

    It is also helpful to draw relevant concepts closer to each other, to engage your spatial intuition as well.


    Reusing Your Existing Knowledge

    With Rumin , it is easy to retrieve and connect to your existing knowledge. Concepts that are connected in one Canvas are available in others, similar to how your mind works.


    Making a Content Map with Knowledge from the Web

    The open source Rumin browser extension helps you capture ideas on the go. You can include any of the relevant captured content when building your concept map in Rumin.


    Concept maps are a powerful tool for thinking better. Give Rumin a try for creating free concept maps.