Free Double Bubble Maps Maker Online | Rumin

Oct 04 2020

What Is a Double Bubble Map?

A double bubble map is a special type of bubble maps . It is a visual tool for comparing and contrasting two ideas side-by-side. Bubbles that are closer to each other can represent similarities between the two central bubbles, and the bubbles on the far sides can represent differences. In this usage, a double bubble map is similar to a Venn diagram.

How to Draw a Double Bubble Map

Start by drawing two central bubbles next to each other. Then draw new bubbles around the central bubbles, one for each related idea. In Rumin, simply double-click anywhere on the Canvas (or use the "+" button) to create a new bubble. You can also drag to resize each bubble.

Then create more bubbles around the central bubbles. These can be attributes, descriptors, related ideas etc.

Once you have more surrounding bubbles, draw the connecting lines to the central bubbles. For attributes or descriptors that the central bubbles share in common, draw connecting lines to both of them. Drag the bubbles around so that the similarity bubbles are positioned near the two central bubbles.

Double bubble maps are useful for planning your writing, studying a topic, as well as other creative and critical thinking tasks. To experience the full power of your extended digital mind, try Rumin for free today .